Financial Goal Store

Financial Goal Store

Written on 08/27/2019
Professor Anthony Rivieccio, MBA, PFA


It's about Financial Goals! When should you watch your credit? When should you update your Insurance? How can you make a higher interest rate? How much do you have to save for your child's or grandchild's College education? How can you get a higher Tax Refund? How long will your money last till Retirement? How do you Draft a will?

Learn how to create a chart to learn your Financial Goals

FINANCIAL PLANNING " what if" Worksheets ($20) & Paperbooks ($40) & MINI COURSES ( AUDIO-$30 VIDEO $50)

Provides an introduction to : Goal Planning Budgeting & debt management , life insurance & disability planning, investment planning, educational funding, retirement & estate planning.

The "MINI-COURSES " for this book is: Chapter 1-Why Financial Planning ? Chapter 2- Evaluating Your Current Situation Chapter 3- Setting your Goals Chapter 4- Putting your plan together Chapter 5 - Monitoring your plan

Knowing where you stand today is the first step of developing a financial plan-- to get where you want to be tomorrow . OUR " what if" MINI- LESSON" WORKSHEET can assist you in evaluating your : Assets, Income, Liabilities & Expenses

This 5 Chapter FINANCIAL PLANNING GUIDE can assist you in finding your missing financial planning piece of the puzzle to have your financial needs finally fall into place , before life gets in the way again

We also provide , though our " MINI- COURSES" , VIDEO LESSONS on the 5 Chapters & / or you can listen to all 5 Chapters in AUDIO course format

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Explains the different types of investments and basic investment concepts like: risk & return, diversification, and asset allocation

The MINI COURSES" are: Chapter 1 Becoming an Investor Chapter 2- Defining your Personal Goals Chapter 3 Understanding Risk & Return Chapter 4 How to Control Investment Risk Chapter 5 Tracking Your Progress

This guide is designed to help you understand investing better today and over time

We provide " Investment Planning " advice in: *"What if" Mini Lesson worksheets *Audio & Video Mini Courses

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It's never to early to plan for College Expenses. Learn strategies to prepare

Trust me, time flies!. It's never too early to put together a strategy for : college, funding, expenses and deductibilities.

The " MINI COURSES" for the guide are: Chapter 1- Looking Ahead Chapter 2 Getting There Chapter 3- Maneuvering The financial Aid Maze Chapter 4 Loan Solutions Chapter 5 Tax Planning

The key to legally lower your tax liability to zero. In short, there are "7 Life Areas" .

The Mini Courses are: Chapter 1- Income Tax Law Chapter 2 Interpreting Income Chapter3 Deduction Adjustments from Income Chapter 4 - Above The Line vs Below The Line deductions Chapter 5 Tax Credits

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Covers basic concepts like: tax deferred savings, compound earnings, asset allocation & diversification. Learn how to manage both your retirement income and distributions

People are living longer and are more active. Is your money ready?

The MINI COURSES are: Chapter 1- Retirement is Changing Chapter 2- Meeting your Retirement Income Needs Chapter 3 - Investing for Retirement Chapter 4 Handling Retirement Plan Distributions Chapter 5- Consider Estate Planning

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Learn the benefits of planning to preserve your assets and avoid probate court and estate tax.

Don't you want to create a bright future for your family? An estate plan allows you to direct how and to whom your property can be distributed- through your desires- not the Government's!

The MINI COURSES are: Chapter 1-Do you need an Estate Plan? Chapter 2- Preliminary Considerations Chapter 3- Understanding Estate Taxes Chapter 4- Advanced Planning Strategies Chapter 5 Disability Planning Chapter 6 For Business Owners Chapter 7 When to Review

We cover this material in: * what if Financial Lesson worksheets *Mini Courses Audio & Video Lessons PLEASE LEARN MORE IN YOUR FORM AREA

In any area of Financial Planning we provide: *Mini Courses-Audio $15 a class video-$30 a class *What if " Lesson Plans-$25 *Financial Planning Paperbooks-$50 *Financial Roadmap plans $200

Good day, My name is Professor Anthony Rivieccio MBA PFA and at this time I would like to direct you to our " FORM BLOG AREA" where you can receive more specific information on these subject matters. If you are looking for more comprehensive financial advisory services like: coaching, tax planning & preparation & investment management, let me direct you to our CLIENT SERVICES MENU Professor Anthony Rivieccio MBA PFA 347.575.5045

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You will work with a credentialed financial advisor that will profile your lifestyle, from age, to your dreams and goals, to measuring your money , to achieve a successful financial plan, to show you how to get to where you want to go


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