College Planning tips & strategies

College Planning tips & strategies

Written on 09/02/2019
Professor Anthony Rivieccio, MBA, PFA

As a financial advisor, I hear my Clients say all the time; " oh he or she is getting big so fast".

So, how do you get there? What's the strategy? How about costs, expenses loans, grants?

Our COLLEGE PLANNING GUIDE is a 6 Chapter plan for financial success Chapter 1- Looking Ahead Chapter 2- Getting there Chapter 3 Maneuvering The Financial aid Maze Chapter 4- Loan Solutions Chapter 5 Tax Planning Chapter 6 Advanced Strategies

We have " What if/How to" worksheets * How much should I save today to meet College Costs? *Pre College Checklist * College Planning Dictionary

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Investing In Your Child's Future

Chapter 1- Looking Ahead- The Professors view

So you want to prepare for College? Let's start with the " first step" in a Bigger College Plan Can you pay for your College Expenses? What are College Expenses? *Room & Board, Supplies, Tuition, Activity Fees, Food, Transportation, Books! That's just a few!. And remember, based on when you or the child is starting College, you must factor in : inflation and taxes. Currently a 2 Year Public School, all expenses included is: $15k, a private University, $25k. Now, after looking ahead, how do you solve your " college cost" problem?

College Planning Chapter 1- Looking Ahead

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Tax breaks to send your kids to college

TurboTax can help you take advantage of tax breaks to ease the financial burden of sending kids to college, including tax credits, tuition deductions, tax-free savings and more. The most generous tax breaks for college costs are the American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit, which offset your tax bill dollar-for-dollar compared to a tax deduction that merely reduces the amount of income subject to tax.

Opinion | How Paying for College Is Changing Middle-Class Life

When getting a degree is seen as a moral obligation, families will spend whatever it takes. By Dr. Zaloom is an anthropologist. Everyone knows that higher education is expensive. The average annual price tag for attending a private, four-year American college is now around $50,000.

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