Weekly Tips & Strategies

Weekly Tips & Strategies

Written on 09/28/2019
Professor Anthony Rivieccio, MBA, PFA

Estate Planning Ch 1

Why do you need an Estate Plan?

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People plan on having a good day, a good year, a good retirement and a good life. But why stop there? Why not plan for a good end of life, too? End of life or estate planning is about getting plans in place to manage risks at the end of your life and beyond.

Tips @ Strategies

Yes you have Dementia By Letha McDowell

1- Memory Loss 2- Challenges in Planning 3- Eye irrational 4- Withdrawl- from social activities 5- confusion with time or place 6- problems with words 7- Decline in judgement 8- changes in mood 9- decline in smelling 10- decline in skills

More Than a Will: Estate-Planning Must Do's

The tabloids are full of stories about celebrities who have passed away without wills or other end-of-life documents in place. From Elvis Presley to - most recently - Prince, celebrities often break this cardinal rule of financial planning, leaving their families to divvy up their assets.

Retirement, Estate Planning: Documents You Should Have

Managing your estate, regardless of the size, begins with working with an expert to help give you greater control, privacy and security of your legacy - the one you worked so hard to build. The documents you need to get started are outlined below:

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