Human Digital Advice or Robotics?

Human Digital Advice or Robotics?

Written on 11/24/2019
Professor Anthony Rivieccio, MBA, PFA

Real virtual digital advice

Many say digital robo advice is like getting assistance on autopilot. After all, robo advice is simply filling out a Questionaire and let the computer handle the rest.

In our opinion, digital or online advice should not be transactional- it should be based on experience.

For example, Investment Robos can " transact" a six figure account and put it into a rollover- no problem- but- Robos do not communicate or make people feel comfortable like a LIVE human.

Now, yes we do have a do it yourself section called " The Financial GoalStore " blog post that can assist you with things like :

* " what if" Financial Planning Worksheets * Audio & Video Mini Courses * Financial Planning paperbooks & * Customized Financial Plans ( which you still get back office assistance)

HOWEVER, Whether , in an office or online, most people want to handle their financial business with a real LIVE Financial Advisor.

Thus, true digital advice is a hybrid approach. A Human Advisor that uses robo or digital tools.

Our CLIENT SERVICES blog area provides Comprehensive Financial Planning Annual Solutions

* Annual Coaching * Annual Tax Planning & Preparation * Annual Investment Management *

The Future of Financial Advice should be fiduciary advice- not suitable robo sales

Professor Anthony Rivieccio MBA PFA Founder & CEO

Being a registered digital financial advice financial service firm we can provide :

* Lower Advice & Solutions pricing through technology

* Fixed subscription & Annual Fees for advice and no commissions from product sales

*Receiving fiduciary non conflicted advice

* Advancing the cause for financial literacy as " life coaches" as financial planning more Federal & States regulated

We hope you enjoy our Financial Focus app where you will receive LIVE assistance while enjoying robo tools.

10 years on: Despite dramatic change, 'personal touch' will dominate financial advice space

Where is the future of financial advice headed? The answers always seem fraught with risk and uncertainty. While the bull market in stocks has gone a long way to helping the advice industry recover from the reputational fallout of the financial crisis, technology, demographics and regulatory confusion continue to challenge all corners of the industry.

Even something robotic like the phone if you need immediate LIVE help 347.575.5045