Professional Wrestling

Professional Wrestling

Written on 12/07/2019
Professor Anthony Rivieccio, MBA, PFA


This blog posts purpose is to keep the visitors of our app, updated on the world of Professional Wrestling

In full disclosure, I have been a wrestling fan since the 1970s and have worked for an internet wrestling magazine , 1wrestling, under the tutorage of Bill Apter since 1995

Financial Focus: Competition Makes the Product Stronger and Cheaper - Norwood News

Editor's Note: While this article is geared toward finance, it is also geared toward the love of wrestling fans. I should also disclose that I occasionally contribute (wrestling articles) to wrestling magazine 1wrestling since 1996. In 1964, 55 years ago, there was, a fourth wrestling organization created, The World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF).

Rob Van Dam References Impact Wrestling's Channel Getting Banned From Twitch - Wrestling Inc.

Earlier this week Impact Wrestling's Twitch channel was banned, most likely from a racy segment between Rob Van Dam, Katie Forbes, and Jennifer Barlow. The segment featured RVD bragging about his PPV wins over Brian Cage and Daga at Hard to Kill.

18 Photos Of WCW Stars That Are Still In The Ring Today

The legacy of WCW still has talents from the company getting bookings in the wrestling world today. Some of the bigger names remained relevant throughout the decades and are still performing at a high level today. Others would see their value slip, but they still have enough of a profile to get bookings on smaller independent shows in need of well-known performers.

Jim Cornette Files Lawsuit Against Indie Wrestler Over 'F*ck Jim Cornette' Merch

Jim Cornette had a very eventful 2019 and he's not wanting to continue 2020 in the same way. Cornette has recently filed a lawsuit to shut down a derogatory t-shirt aimed at him. Forbes reports that Jim Cornette has filed a lawsuit against G-Raver, The Indy Connection, owner William Molnar, and Shopify over a t-shirt that Jim Cornette did not approve of.

Chris Jericho Held Backstage Meeting About AEW Not Following Rules & Burying Refs

All Elite Wrestling is establishing themselves in the pro wrestling market, but the honeymoon phase is over. This was something that Chris Jericho brought up in a backstage meeting he held recently. While speaking to Konnan's Keeping It 100, Chris Jericho explained that he held a meeting backstage about the lack of rules in AEW.

Jim Ross Discusses Ric Flair Throwing A Punch At Mick Foley Backstage at RAW in 2004, Describes The Fight | 411MANIA

On the latest edition of Grilling JR, Jim Ross talked about a backstage incident between Ric Flair and Mick Foley at RAW in 2004. According to the Pro-Wrestling Torch, Foley was not happy with Flair for taking shots at him in his book and calling him a glorified stuntman, which led to Foley taking shots at Flair in an ROH promo.

Colt Cabana Finishes Up With Ring of Honor

According to Post Wrestling, indie sensation Colt Cabana is now done with Ring of Honor wrestling following last night's Final Battle pay per view from Baltimore, Maryland. Cabana has worked with the promotion throughout his illustrious career dating back to 2002, and is a former two-time ROH tag team champion.

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