Chapter 1- Income Tax Planning

Chapter 1- Income Tax Planning

Herbert Lehman College, CUNY

"Teaching it in College is difficult. Educating Clients is crazy. Many are now realizing that the laws, many if them since the 1920s, have now been reduced or eliminated . There are a few individual enhancements for people in 2019 taxes, but the bulk of the deductions are still for the small businessperson Today, Tax Planning is more important than just tax preparation, especially if one is still looking to achieve the best if both worlds: Paying low taxes and getting a robust tax refund. Now it's like, after time, like we throw away old clothes, now, which I call tax planning, is the time to learn how to put on a new pair of pants" Professor Anthony Rivieccio MBA PFA, speaking at The NYC Income Tax Review Conference at Jacobi Center summer of 2019

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